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Visit and Mine in Two Working Commercial Quartz Crystal Mines!

Fantasia mining extracts and sells tons of AAA grade quartz per year all around the world. Now we are offering a chance for you to visit the Avatar and Fantasia mines and get a sneek peek into the commercial areas of the mine.

You will leave the Fantasia headquarters with your groups own personal certified miner who will drive you to our Avatar Crystal Mine. Once you arrive you get a complete tour of the commercial production pits, where you can observe our professional miners doing their daily job of extracting beautiful Avatar plates and crystal points.

Glassback from the Fantasia Crystal Mine
A Beautiful Glass Back Crystal Plate from the
Fantasia Crystal Mine!
You will be taught all about crystal and how it forms, what the professionals look for, and the proper ways to extract the crystal to maximize the size and beauty of the plates and points that come from the hard rock walls.

Now it is time for you to mine your own beautiful Avatar Crystals! You are supplied with everything you need, all your digging bars, hard hats, elbow and knee pads, and everything else required to make sure you get the best experience possible.
Unique Shapes are not Uncommon
A Unique Crystal Formation from the Avatar Crystal Mine!

After mining for a couple hours you take a break for included sandwich or salad and collect your crystal. All that beautiful crystal you mined is yours to keep!

The next stop is the Fantasia Crystal Mine where after a brief site specific safety coverage you put back on the hard hats and safety equipment and start digging! You will notice that the crystal at Fantasia actually has a different look and character compared to the Avatar mine, and getting both types is great for your collection!

Fantasia also works with numerous other mines and we can assist you in booking trips to additional quartz mines if you would like to experience more. If you really want the ULTIMATE in mine trips, check out our Ultimate Mining Experience and you will see why it is called the ultimate fun mining trip!