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Fantasia Mining has created a mining area that is over 2 acres where you can dig for your own Diamonds and Colored Gemstones! In our digging area people have found over 75 varieties of stones including Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Aquamarine, Peridot, Jasper, Agates and more!

We supply the shovels and buckets and you go to our large quarry and dig your own dirt. Once your bucket is full you go to our covered flume and rinse away the dirt to see the treasures you have mined. Our friendly staff is always on hand to help you identify the gems and minerals that you have found.

Avatar Crystal Mine
Some of the Beautiful Gem
and Mineral Specimens Dug from the Fantasia Gem Mine!
We offer a heated and covered flume area so you can mine rain or shine all year long. If you prefer not to do the digging yourself, we also offer gem buckets where we have already dug the dirt, and you can sift the ore in the comfort of our flume without getting dirty from the digging.
A Freshly Mined and Rinsed Burr from the Avatar Crystal Mine
A Beautiful Assortments of Diamonds Found in the Fantasia Gemstone Mine!

If you want a special added touch, we also offer the ability to have any of the gemstones you dig faceted or cabbed then put into handcrafted jewelry! We have both sterling silver and solid gold settings available, so you can not only dig your own gemstone but also have it turned into a beautiful ring, earrings or pendant.

Mining is a great field trip for schools, church groups, scout troops, senior citizen groups and others. With our trained minerologists, we can help educate as well as provide everyone who mines with us an exciting and fun day.

We also offer our gem dirt by mail for those who want to take the mining fun home with them. See our online store for more details!